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Supplemental Benefits

From easy implementation to partnerships with leading supplemental payments and benefit companies, we can get your supplemental meal benefit program up and running quickly.

We deliver support & stability

With growing attention on seniors facing food insecurity or physical impairments that could impact food preparation, many plans are offering home-delivered meals as a supplemental benefit. By including meals in your supplemental benefits offerings, you’re investing in access to healthy nutrition for your members, which can help lower admissions and utilization. It can also lead to increased enrollment and higher Star ratings. In fact, 70% of plans with four or more stars offered meal deliveries in 2022.

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Your supplemental Meal Partner

We’re fully integrated with leading supplemental payments and benefits management companies. This offers quick and seamless implementation of end-to-end meal benefits.

Other Programs

Chronic Condition Meal Benefits

Our DRI-compliant, home-delivered meals are medically tailored by our team of Registered Dietitians.

Long-term Support & Services

Consistent, healthy access to food is critical to help the most vulnerable population combat one of the most common social determinants of health.

Post Discharge Meal Benefits

Our nutritious meals can help with faster healing – lowering readmission rates and improving ROI.